Coronavirus has had a devastating effect on many businesses across the region. The hospitality, travel and leisure industries have been particularly hard hit, but every business regardless of size has felt the impact

As the furlough scheme has been extended and redundancies are on the increase this is leaving businesses trying to keep a float with fewer staff, and people looking for work in a crowded and competitive jobs market.

The economy has taken the biggest hit on record, and ‘bouncing back’ certainly won’t be easy. Despite the Government putting a number of schemes in place, they’ve made it clear that they can’t save every job. For any employee, the prospect of redundancy can be devastating, not least when finding new employment is likely to be more difficult than ever.

Redundancies can be difficult decisions to make, but they can often be the difference between a business surviving or not. Offering any employees facing redundancy well-rounded support and guidance on their next steps is important, not only to support compassionate; keeping people at the centre of your recovery strategy.

When you’re faced with the tough decision as to which roles are no longer needed or can be absorbed by other members in the team, it can leave knowledge gaps. That need filling. Utilising government funding can help narrow those gaps, with access to over £20 million in government funding, Learning Curve Group are supporting organisations to develop skills quickly and effectively with their range of Level 2 sector-based qualifications. Working in partnership with Tees Valley Combined Authority and the North of Tyne Combined Authority, businesses right across the North East can access free training for their workforce.

Apprenticeship Levy-paying organisations can also use their contributions to upskill their workforce to help build existing staff knowledge and skills. Any member of staff, regardless of their level, can enrol on to a relevant programme. If you don’t pay the levy, the government will fund 95 per cent of the training costs, and there’s some great incentives in place for hiring new staff too – with grants up to £3000 if you hire an apprentice before the end of January.

The Kickstart Scheme can also help add skills back into your business, which aims to get young people on Universal Credit into employment by paying their wages for six months. Whilst businesses who can offer fewer than 30 placements can’t submit their own application, Learning Curve Group is acting as a gateway to support businesses with smaller requirements to access the scheme and will take care of the administration, managing the recruitment with Job Centre Plus, arranging interviews with candidates, and providing the essential employability training.

Admittedly, the future is still unclear with restrictions changing daily but it’s clear that people will be at the forefront of business recovery so ensuring you have the right skills within your business is a key ingredient for success.

For support on increasing skills and supporting your business recovery, get in touch with Learning Curve Group via email quoting CONTACT in the subject at or phone: 01388 777 129

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