There’s a new flag flying over the C.A. Parsons Works site in Newcastle, as the energy business transitions to become Siemens Energy

Earlier this year, over 100 transmission solutions colleagues moved from the business’s sites at Hebburn and Monkton to join their power generation colleagues in Newcastle upon Tyne to create what is now a 500-strong team on the site at Heaton. This union is one that positions Siemens Energy as a true power player in the energy market, demonstrating customer service excellence that is able to deliver power solutions, systems, products, and service. And this move will result in greater co- operation between the two business units, improving customer interaction and creating a real centre of competence in the North East.

Combining heritage with innovation and collaboration

Both teams have historic links to the North East too. Once known as C.A. Parsons and Company and Reyrolle, the companies were recognised as engineering powerhouses in the area. Parsons was founded in Newcastle in 1889 by Charles Algernon Parsons to manufacture his own invention – the steam turbine – and, at the peak of its success in the 1960s, employed more than 7000 people. Similarly, Alphonse Constant Reyrolle set up his business – Reyrolle – in Hebburn, manufacturing switchgear for power stations and substations around the world. Also a major employer, the company had around 12,000 people in its heyday.

Forward-thinking pioneers even back then, both businesses recognised the opportunity for collaboration and expansion, and they merged in 1967 before being acquired by Rolls-Royce in 1989 and then Siemens in 1998. And this year, after over two decades apart, the two businesses will be back under one roof to deliver service excellence, unparalleled by any other original equipment manufacturer.

This will bring significant gains for employees with one site creating a unified big Siemens Energy team. The change will also bring a cohesive approach to project support, showing Siemens Energy as it is: a true power player in the energy market. Ultimately, the key objective in investing in the co-location of power generation and transmission is to create a simplified experience for customers and provide a one-stop shop for end- to-end solutions.

Mark Tiernan, Head of Business – Substations and Flexible AC Transmission Systems, at Siemens Energy, one of the businesses making the move to Newcastle, explains: “This is a move that will benefit our business, our people and, most importantly, our customers. Being under one roof means we will be a ‘one-stop shop’ for all their power solution, transmission and service needs. Importantly, this provides the flexibility and skills to deliver optimum value.

“From a personal perspective, having started my career as an apprentice at a time when the companies were previously under one roof, it is a real honour to be part of bringing these great organisations together again. I’m very proud to work with such a talented team with a strong sense of drive and purpose, focused on energising society.”

Making changes for a better tomorrow

As the new brand name suggests, Siemens Energy represents more than simply keeping the lights on, but energising society and customers too, transitioning them to a more sustainable future. And with the UK looking to achieve net zero by 2050 and the imminent closure of the remaining few coal-fired power stations in the UK, the focus of the business will very much be about replacing those fossil fuels with greener and more efficient solutions.

To achieve this, however, involves a fine balancing act between ensuring the demand for electricity is met whilst protecting the climate at the same time. An area that Siemens Energy is committed to providing the answers to, this has involved building new energy systems and being committed to fighting climate change by making sustainable, reliable and affordable energy possible. In the North East,
the team is leading the way in turning this ambitious goal into a reality by enabling customers to meet their goals and assisting them towards a more sustainable future.

Internally for Siemens Energy, alongside the green agenda, the business is also looking at the skills diversification that new technologies and policies bring. Because a renaissance in energy brings with it not only many new and exciting opportunities but ultimately a brighter future for all.

Creating a great place to work

Making tomorrow different today is a key priority of the energised and optimistic team at Siemens Energy. In order to reach those goals, however, investing time in creating a great place to work, where ambitions are fulfilled and true potential reached, remains paramount. Globally, this includes amongst other things ensuring 25 per cent of upper management positions are filled by females by 2025. Family- friendly flexibility and championing the next generation of engineers by providing training to develop skills for the wide variety of roles on offer, is also a key focus.

Working at Siemens Energy means being part of an open, inclusive and diverse culture centred on strong partnerships. The team live by their brand values with collaboration, respect, agility and a relentless focus on the customer, being at the heart of all they do. This has been particularly evident during COVID-19 where lockdown has further enhanced collaboration and really brought to the fore the strong sense of family culture.

However, as a new dawn arises on the business, despite evolving horizons, many things remain the same, with the principles, ingenuity and drive to deliver meaningful change for communities as strong as they ever where before.

Being part of the team at Siemens Energy provides an opportunity to make an impact, develop solutions and put them into the world, knowing they’ll make a difference. And it’s having the opportunity to be the change you want to see in the world that’s certainly a dawn worth waking up to.

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