Launching in February 2020, Newcastle International Airport recently unveiled a direct flight with German airline Lufthansa, from the North East to Munich International Airport. The new route will increase the connectivity of the region, with onward travel connections to further destinations in Europe, as well as the Americas and Asia. North East-based alcoholic tea brand Noveltea founders Lukas Passia and Vincent Efferoth, discuss how the new service will strengthen business opportunities globally

Newcastle International Airport



Tell us about Noveltea…

It goes without saying that Britain loves its tea – and as the craft and artisan alcohol markets show no sign of slowing down, it’s clear we also love our spirits. We saw a clear opportunity to combine these two favourites, creating an entirely new drinks category: alcoholic tea.

Blending the highest-quality loose leaf teas (cold-brewed to extract a fuller, more rounded flavour) with a range of expertly- crafted spirits, our ‘Tales’ build on Britain’s history of culinary innovation to deliver true ‘Tea with Spirit’.

How frequently does the Noveltea team use Newcastle International Airport for international travel?

Both Lukas and I are flying very regularly, and when possible from Newcastle International Airport, as it is most convenient.
At the moment, we are travelling internationally up to four times a month.The new direct route to Munich will absolutely improve the accessibility for us to travel from Newcastle Airport, as Lukas is based in the city.

What is your experience of travelling from Newcastle International Airport?

My experience of travelling from Newcastle International Airport is great, and I have always found it to be a relaxing experience! The airport is easy to get to via taxi, as well as using the Metro. The airport is close to the city, with efficient check- in and security processes, and has a great network of global destinations.

How will the direct flight with Lufthansa create more opportunities for Noveltea?

Direct flights are always more time efficient and much less effort to organise journeys, with lower risk of delays! Thus, whenever a direct flight is an option, I always choose this option even with a higher expense, as it makes the journey more time efficient for the company.

What impact will the route have on your day-to-day business operations?

While Lukas is living in Munich, flying between the UK and Germany has not been so straightforward. The journey requires either two flights or flying to another airport, with an onward train journey. As a result, the direct route will make travelling a lot more time efficient for both of us, a huge positive for our long-term business plans.